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Pediatric Student Interest Group

If you’re excited about working with kids, Keck PedSIG is aimed at helping medical students find pediatric volunteering and shadowing opportunities on campus and in the community. Here are some things you can look forward to:


  • Shadowing at LAC+USC and CHLA (monthly)

  • Problem Rounds at LAC+USC and Grand Rounds at CHLA

  • Lunch talks, workshops, and socials Research list for RSP mentors and projects

  • LAC+USC Banquet (spring) and CHLA Banquet (fall, where you’ll get to ask a panel questions and talk to practicing pediatricians

Our Leadership

Rebecca Long

Isabel Sunshine

Melody Chu

Kelly Burk

Rebecca Seifert

Paige Kingston

Yasuko Mano



LAC+USC Representative

CHLA Representative


AAP Representative

Community Outreach Coordinator



Sept. 14th    Intro Lunch Talk

Oct               Joint Lunch Talk with SSIG/AWS

Oct               Jeopardy-Style Trivia Night

Jan 2021     CHLA/LAC+USC Physician Mentor                            Banquet

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