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2022-2023 Class Councils 

Class of 2023 Student Council

Co-Presidents: Isabel Sunshine and Rebecca Long

Curriculum Reps: Sarah Guo 

Social Chairs: tbd

Financial Officer: tbd

Secretary: tbd

Student Affairs Reps: tbd

Student Wellness Reps: Sam Fleck

IDEA Chairs: Ivonne Verduzco and Gabrielle Barajas

Class of 2025 Student Council

Co-Presidents: Marlee Fruto & David Gomez

Curriculum Reps: Avani Kelekar, Rucha Deshpande, Krupa Modi

Social Chairs: Michael Di Martino & Lydia Lin

Financial Officer: Erik Carrillo

Secretary: Naveed Zaman

Student Affairs Reps: Katherine Zhuo & Anuva Mittal

Student Wellness Reps: Tiana Thompson & Nikitha Reddy

IDEA Chairs: Yasi Pedram

Research Chair: Christopher Stathis

Philanthropy Chairs: Emily Mendonsa

Class of 2024 Student Council

Co-Presidents: Priya Kohli & Obianeze Okolo

Curriculum Reps: Cole Urnes & Aidan Voshoogi

Social Chairs: Tyler Kristensen

Student Affairs Reps: Sean Kim

Student Wellness Reps: Emily Chen & Kenton Sakurai

IDEA Chairs: Kayla Blair & Michelle Martinez

Research Chair: Tyler Gallagher

Class of 2026 Student Council

Co-Presidents: Catherine Campbell and Gage Guerra

Treasurer: Jacob Hershenhouse

Philanthropy Chair: Ryan Shean

Curriculum Reps: Autumn Boutin, Rebecca Braganca, Olivia Sison

Student Affairs Reps: Amina Khan, Jasmine Botello

Social Chairs: Emerson Harris, Isaac Yang

Student Wellness Reps: Nimish Garg, Miti Parikh

IDEA Chairs: Alexa Melgoza

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