2020-2021 Class Councils 

Class of 2021 Student Council

Co-Presidents: Rachel Milam and Ian Thomas

Curriculum Reps: Nathalie Sami and Daphne Remulla

Social Chairs: Gabriella Blissett and Jake Rosenbloom

Financial Officer: Greg Stone

Secretary: Katie Foreman

Student Affairs Reps: Emi Komatsu and Surabhi Reddy

Student Wellness Rep: Catherine Song

IDEA Chair: Nina Petrosyan

Class of 2023 Student Council

Co-Presidents: Akash Dhawan and Collean Trotter

Curriculum Reps: Sarah Guo and Soyun Park

Social Chairs: Casey Collet and Jai Kemp

Financial Officer: Vickie Yin

Secretary: Paul Won

Student Affairs Reps: Megha Sheth and Katie McClung

Student Wellness Reps: Sarah Pike and Sam Fleck

IDEA Chairs: Maurice Mullings and Nosa Osazuwa

ICM Chair: Albert Chong

PPM Chair: Maddy Ing

Research Chair: Stephanie Stamnes

Service/Philanthropy Chairs: Paul Grosenraud and Maggie Huang

Class of 2022 Student Council

Co-Presidents: Lexie Filkins and Franklin Wu

Curriculum Reps: Frank Wu and Kairav Sinha

Social Chairs: Laurel Aberle and Lexie Cantarero

Financial Officer: Preeya Mehta

Student Affairs Reps: Madison Lodge and Runi Tanna

Student Wellness Reps: Aditi Newadkar and Sarah Zhou

Class of 2024 Student Council

Co-Presidents: Fergui Hernandez and Obianeze Okolo

Curriculum Reps: Cole Urnes and Aidan Voshoogi

Social Chairs: Nate Overholtzer and Tyler Kristensen

Financial Officer: Sara Kang

Secretary: Eric Chen

Student Affairs Reps: Peter Cleary and Yuki Kuromaru

Student Wellness Reps: Emily Chen and Kenton Sakurai

IDEA Chairs: Kayla Blair and Michelle Martinez

ICM Chair: Rachel Colbath

PPM Chair: Priya Kohli

Research Chair: Tyler Gallagher

Philanthropy Chairs: Shreya Sirivolu and Benjamin Carvalho

Humanities Chairs: Swathi Balaji and Kristy Yoo