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Only ASSM recognized clubs can receive reimbursements.


All ASSM affiliated clubs are eligible to receive $150 from ASSM to fund events throughout the year. These funds are budgeted but not guaranteed, so please check with us ahead of time especially towards the end of the academic year. If you are seeking additional funding, you may apply for GSG funding, fundraise or seek departmental funding.

All organizations who wish to apply for GSG funding must have at least one member complete the finance orientation below.


It is not necessary to use approved vendors to receive ASSM reimbursement. However, we may ask that you use a USC-approved vendor for certain large events.


Please fill out the following form and attach scans of your receipts to receive funding. You have six weeks from the receipt date to submit them to be eligible for funding.


Please contact the ASSM non-travel treasurer with any questions:

SIG funding request form

SIG funding post-event form

ASSM Funding

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