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Only medical students currently enrolled at USC Keck School of Medicine are eligible to apply for the ASSM travel funding

Each student is allowed to apply once per year for travel reimbursements for conference registration, hotel, and transportation (air, bus, car, etc) only.

Rental car costs and miles driven on rental cars are currently not covered.


If you are going to present original research at the conference (and can provide proof) then you should also apply to the GSG Travel Fund in addition to ASSM, which can give you a maximum of $500.


If you are traveling to a conference in a group, please have the group leader contact me first so that I can give you specific instructions. The maximum per student for group travel may be reduced depending on the amount of students going.




Step 1: Before you leave: Complete the ASSM Pre-Travel Cost Estimate and any forms from the USC Field Trip Guidelines that apply to your trip.


Step 2: Retain all original receipts for hotel, transportation, and registration. We do not reimburse for food, alcohol, taxis, car rentals, or entertainment. Note that only one student can apply for reimbursement for the cost of a hotel room per night. Also, please collect a flyer, pamphlet, or your name tag from the conference you attended so that USC Disbursement Office can ensure you attended the conference.


Step 3: When you return: Complete the ASSM Post-Travel Funding Request and CAREFULLY follow instructions at the top of the Google Form.


Step 4: Fill out the Travel Expense Report and be sure to print your name along with your signature at the bottom.


Step 5: Return the completed documents to It would be preferable if you could scan and submit all receipts and documents to me as ONE PDF DOCUMENT.


Please complete Steps 3 - 5 within two weeks of returning from your conference. Late requests may not be honored. Your check will be mailed to you within 1-2 months of submission.


Please realize that our funds are extremely limited. We highly encourage you seek out additional funding sources such as the GSG Travel Fund, specific departments, administrators, and student groups in order to cover your costs if they are higher than the ASSM maximum.

If you are presenting at a conference, you are also eligible to apply for GSG travel funding

Travel Funding Documents

ASSM Travel Funding

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