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Med-Peds Student Interest Group

Our Leadership

Helena Vervaet  (

Kenton Sakurai (

Zain Khalifeh  (

Rachel Colbath (



Shadowing Coordinator

Events Chair

Med-Peds SIG aims to provide students with the opportunity to explore the field of Combined Internal Medicine & Pediatrics, by hosting lunch talks, providing shadowing opportunities, and volunteering in the community.


What is Med-Peds?


Med-Peds (or Combined Internal Medicine & Pediatrics) physicians complete a four year residency which prepares them for a double board certification in Pediatrics and Internal Medicine. After residency, a Med-Peds doctor may choose to practice primary care or he/she may decide to subspecialize by completing a fellowship (cardiology, gastroenterology, etc). Med-Peds physicians can practice in both hospitalist and outpatient settings.

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