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Integrative Health Interest Group

The Integrative Health Interest Group (IHIG) - formerly the Integrative Medicine Club - exists to:

  (a) introduce students on the Health Sciences Campus to the guiding principles and various 

        healing modalities in the expanding field of integrative health,

  (b) encourage self-care for students, and

  (c) enhance interdisciplinary learning opportunities.


In cooperation with the faculty-led Institute for Integrative Health (IIH), we sponsor the following:

  • Student wellness program, including free weekly yoga and guided meditation sessions

  • MS2 PPM course on integrative medicine

  • Experiential workshops on topics such as nutrition, OMM, and acupuncture

  • Lunch talks on the evidence base of integrative health modalities

  • Weekend “field trips” such as an ethnobotany hike and a visit to local herbal shops

  • Student attendance at IIH monthly breakfast seminars and regional/national conferences

Our Leadership

Gabriella Blissett

Claire Conrad

Morgan Lee


Co President

Vice President

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